“I’ve failed…That’s what I thought. It was day 6, I had been home from hospital one night. My new baby had not feed all night despite repeated attempts to get him to attach. Completely sleep deprived, carrying around a crying baby I was out of ideas. I picked up the phone to call Kath. When she answered I could not speak, I just cried…

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… She arrived at my house and we sat together for a while. Kath’s calm voice soothed us both. Before long she had him attached and feeding! His hunger satisfied (and my engorged breasts relieved!) she showed me how to wrap him tight and settle him in bed.

Relieved that bubby was asleep at last and feeling proud I sat and talked with Kath. What I gained from Kath that day was not just the skills to calm my out of control baby but she was able to help me understand that I really was doing a great job.

Kath left me with a plan and booked herself back in to see me later that day. I felt confident that I could continue with her plan but also reassured as I knew she would be back to help me.

And so began the wonderful times of motherhood. Confident that I received the best advice in those early days, I have been able to apply it to all three of my very different children. During times of childhood illness, overseas travel, and new developmental stages, the children have all continued to self settle and get the sleep that they need.

Kath will not teach you a secret magic formula but she will give you invaluable sensible advice to bring out the best mother within you.”

– Chris

“My eldest son was born with chronic reflux and was terribly difficult to settle…

… Kathy showed me several different techniques to settle my son to sleep, which was a godsend. Even now, at almost 10 years old, he still asks me to stroke his forehead the way Kathy taught me when he’s finding it hard to relax or when he’s not feeling well.

The advice that Kathy gave me was so amazing that when my second son came along we had him sleeping through the night from 11 weeks.

I’m lucky enough to have had Kathy’s help and would absolutely recommend her to anyone.”

– Lauren

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